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Acrylic photo framed prints are becoming hugely popular and are finding their way into homes up and down the country. 5 Years ago acrylic framed prints would have only been seen in top New york and London Penthouses but now they are becoming an everyday feature in homes up and down the country. Acrylic frames are now a very popular and affordable way of framing photos and artwork.

Face Mount Acrylic

Face Mount Acrylic

So what makes an acrylic framed print? There are a number of different framing methods with acrylic photo frames. The majority of acrylic frames are traditionally held to the wall with contemporary wall fixings usually called standoffs. The standoffs are usually chrome colored, Matt silver or even gold although they can come in a number of metallic colored finishes.

Acrylic printing is the most expensive style of acrylic photo frame, this is where the print or image is printed directly onto the acrylic. This method is done with very expensive printers which use white ink to print directly onto the plastic. When this method is used usually the image is printed onto a single 10mm panel which is then fixed to the wall with standoffs.

Face Mount Acrylic

The alternate method to printing directly onto the acrylic is face mounting an image onto the panel. This method is done by printing the image usually with a large format printer onto a photographic satin or glossy paper/film.

The print is then face mounted onto the panel with a sheet of face mounting clear sheet. The sheet has a plastic film on both sides which is peeled back, the sticky side is then stuck to the print and then stuck directly onto the acrylic panel. The sticky sheet is usually applied to the image with a mounted roller laminator to ensure that air bubbles to do not arise between the sticky sheet and the acrylic. This style of framing is usually applied to either 10mm panel or 5mm panels for a cheaper option.

Acrylic Framed Print

The third style of acrylic frame is known as an acrylic sandwich frame. This is where the image is printed onto high quality photographic paper and then sandwiched between two 5mm acrylic sheets.

The image is usually centered in the middle of the frame which allows the back panel acrylic to be shown. The back panel of the acrylic in this style can either be Clear, Black, White or any other color.

Acrylic Framed Prints

With the image sitting in the center of the frame the back panel creates a border around the image. With the back panel black or white it creates a high shine contemporary look.

The advantage of this style of framing method is that it is affordable to create and therefore has created a huge rise in the sales of acrylic frames. Another advantage of acrylic sandwich panel frames is that the image can easily be changed as it is not fixed directly onto the panels.

We are Printing Plus of Key Largo Florida and we create highly affordable classy acrylic panel frames. The method of framing that we use is the face mounting and acrylic sandwich frame. Our acrylic frames are extremely high quality and highly affordable.

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